Love it.
Use it for good.
Know it loves you and is present in your life in excess.

Walk in it.
Serve at the highest level.
Create great opportunities for others.

Go all the places.
         Experience all the things.
     Take your family and friends with you.

Upleveling and upgrading your life.
Not feeling guilty for wanting or having and getting.
Feeling safe, stable, and prosperous.

I know what it’s like to be confused about the process of attracting and manifesting the things you TRULY desire.

I ALSO know what it’s like to wonder, "HOW" to attract quality client's and gross amazing revenue. 

We're talking 5 & 6 figure months.

When I learned that I could manifest my DREAMS and actually work with DREAM CLIENT'S...AND earn massive wealth at the same time, I began noting the strategies that allowed me to do so.   

Before I knew it, I had discovered steps...processes...and a POWERFUL FRAMEWORK for doing it.

What happened next was amazing...I was able to attract my husband who is exactly EVERYTHING I wanted. 

I’ve been able to manifest LUXURY travel and experiences, lots and lots of money, POWER-HOUSE client’s in my business and opportunities people literally dream about.

This powerful framework has worked for multiple clients and their businesses…I know it can work for you too.

Are you ready love?

First, we'll start with granting you Instant Access to ALL 40 lessons in the Quantum Manifestation 
the $100k Business Acceleration learning platform…

where we share the step-by-step strategies our company used to gross $1M in 16 months. 

We also help you map out your next $100k business plan

All the Quantum Manifestation Power Plays that we only share with our high ticket coaching client’s

Not only do you get

You are also getting access to Dalila and her coaching on Quantum Manifestation & Business Acceleration FOR 12 MONTHS 😱


As a client in the program, you get 2x monthly live 📱 group coaching calls where our team supports you step-by step in your business!

PLUS, members get 1:1 access to our highly trained mindset and business coaches
 inside the program for additional support.
🗓️ Dates and links are released inside the private Quantum Manifestation FB Community
You will get access to the private FB Community 🖥️ immediately upon purchase

You'll love the Quantum Tribe. It's absolutely amazing. 


One Payment of:


Six Monthly Payments of:


10 Monthly Payments of:


Time has literally collapsed in on itself since I joined the 
Quantum Manifestation program. Everything from having a
new car gifted to me, to unexpected checks for several thousands of dollars. I even manifested my dream career position in 35 days after having waited for 11 years. My speaking business is making rapid traction. I could go on and on, but let me just say this...The mindset shifts and manifesting are very real inside. 

Kelenda J. - IT Executive Director
Having Dalila as a coach has been a tremendously positive experience. I now have a manifestation strategy and revenue building action plan aligned with my goals that I'm able to execute and see results immediately. My mindset has totally shifted to abundance and as a result, I am seeing manifestation and increase in every area of my life and biz.

Kara C. - Healthcare Agency CEO
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