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Become a Manifestation Magnet & Start Attracting Everything You’ve Ever Wanted, The Easy Way

Most people know about the law of attraction, but they fail MISERABLY at manifesting anything.

Turns out the process of manifestation is actually pretty hard work…(if you don’t know what you’re doing)

In theory, your dream life is just supposed to show up. Right?

Why is this manifestation thing so hard to do?

You strike gold once or twice, but it doesn’t seem reliable.

Well, it’s likely because you’re doing it wrong.

(Don’t worry though, you’re about to learn exactly how to get it right)....

What Most People Get Wrong When Wanting 
To  Manifesting Their Desires...

HI, MY NAME IS Dalila Conaway, I know what it’s like to be confused about the process of attracting and manifesting the things you TRULY want in life...

I discovered the power of manifestation when I was a young woman desiring to be married. 

I didn’t come from a home with a father figure and as the oldest of 3 I saw my mother go through a lot.

I knew that I didn’t want that life for me or my future children. I wanted a good husband who loved and cared for me and our future family. 

I had always been big on visualization, and had been doing it to escape for a long time, but didn’t know much about the power of manifestation. 

When I learned that I could manifest a spouse or anything I wanted. I wrote down everything I wanted and began practicing. 

What happened next was amazing...I was able to attract my husband who is exactly EVERYTHING I wanted. 

I knew I had stumbled upon something great!

This powerful framework has worked for multiple people and businesses…
I think it can work for you too.

I Unlocked 3-Mindset Shifts That Made Manifesting ANYTHING I Wanted in Life Easy 

Most people begin their journey of learning to manifest without dealing with their mindset…

YOUR MINDSET is the only thing holding you back from everything God has to offer you.

When you learn to shift your mindset and prime yourself for true abundance... you end up with everything you’ve ever wanted AND MORE…

AND you don’t have to doubt yourself, or work a hundred hours a week to get there…

Here are the mindset shifts YOU NEED to learn in order to shift into the right space to receive:


You want to trigger your mind to think that the things you want, are things you already have. You can do this by thinking “I am...a size 8.” or “I own a 6 bedroom home by the beach.

Remember, thoughts in your mind become things, it's important for you to speak as if you ALREADY have what you want.


Worry is a type of limiting belief that will stop the things you want from ever reaching you. Worry is like a GIANT stop sign that makes manifestation impossible.

Telling yourself that you’re stuck, or depressed only drowns you in a cycle of stuck-ness or more depression.

If you’re worried, switch from fear to gratitude. If bills are tight, instead of sitting around worrying---start thinking about things you’re grateful for. Start repeating these kinds of statements to yourself:

“I always have more than I need...money flows to me effortlessly.”
“I never have to worry about my bills being paid, God knows exactly how to meet my needs.”

Hint: This is the #1 Reason Most People NEVER Manifest Their Dreams

You are worthy of living a fulfilling and abundant life. Let me say that again: YOU ARE WORTHY OF HAVING THE LIFE YOU REALLY WANT.

Sure, life happens around us all the time. It’s not always everything we want it to be. BUT---no matter how people have treated you, or what has happened to you.


Ask yourself how you would feel if you were to get the things you’ve always wanted...

There’s A Little-Known Toolkit That Makes Attracting Abundance SUPER Simple

I spent hundreds of hours studying and refining this process to figure out how to manifest my husband, and have the life of my dreams...
And eventually I found the solution…

The EXACT Step-By-Step Toolkit to Manifesting Your Perfect World

...without struggling and striving
...without spending thousands of hours meditating on a mountaintop
...without stressing yourself out and filling your already full-plate to capacity
I’ve laid out the clear-cut blueprint with EVERYTHING you need to know to start manifesting your dreams..

This Toolkit Is EXACTLY What You Need If... 

● You’ve tried ‘being positive’ but it doesn’t seem to be having any effect on your bottom-line
● You’re constantly trying to ‘feel good’ and keep your head up...but you lose momentum daily
● You know your mindset is hindering you from success, you just don’t know where to start...
● You have a nasty and condescending inner voice...but no matter what you do you can’t get rid of it
You have major doubts, every time you want to manifest something big or small

This is the Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit That All of the Highly-Paid Gurus 
Don’t Want You To Know About...

I’ve created a dream lifestyle manifestation toolkit that you can learn AND implement in just 30 days that will get you reliable and repeatable results
The Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit is a toolkit of amazing resources where you combine mindset alignment, goal setting, action planning and short but sweet relaxation affirmation recordings that gets results.

It’s a collection of tools and resources that will guide you through the process of manifesting your dream life.

All YOU need to do is utilize the toolkit and you’ll start to manifest things you never thought possible.

You can access the program from your phone or computer, The Ultimate Manifestation Toolkit gives you EVERYTHING you need to transform your life.

It’s ALL based on PRACTICAL actions that you can take to manifest your dreams starting TODAY.

No mystical meditations that take 18 hours to complete.
Just easy-to-do actions that will attract abundance to you like a magnet.

What People Are Saying About 
“The Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit”

"Total Game Changer."

"This toolkit has literally changed the game for me and my family. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to plan my success and follow thru. I’ve manifested amazing progress and success inside my healthcare business.  Licenses that were weighing in the balance, and, scheduled to take months to get approval on, manifested so rapidly my head was spinning. Being coached by Dalila is both powerful and refreshing."  
- Kara C.

"I manifested my dream executive career position in less than 30 days."

"For more than 11 years I had been interviewing for executive level positions, only to be told after getting to 3rd and 4th round interviews that I was not selected for the job.  After about 30 days of using the Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit, I was offered, not just one, but two major positions with major companies. I was able to chose the one that aligned perfectly with what I had outlined in my toolkit. Manifestation is real and this toolkit works!" 
-Kelenda J.

Imagine If You Could Wake Up Every Day
 KNOWING Everything You EVER Wanted Could Be Yours...

No more stressing about how you’ll get there. No more negative and self-sabotaging beliefs...
What if you had the ability to tune your mind so that you could show up as your best self in every moment…?

What if you could actually start manifesting the things that have been in your heart so long?


You can start to see the things that you’ve been dreaming of for years BECOME REALITY quickly!

Are YOU Ready To Get Access To The Tools You Need To Manifest Your Desires In Record Time?

Here’s What You’ll Get In The Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit:

Dream Lifestyle Daily Planner($27 VALUE) This lifestyle planner will last you for the entire year. You’ll be able to plan your goals while developing dream lifestyle habits. Once they’re planned you’ll begin to manifest the things you’ve always wanted.
Dream Lifestyle Goals Spreadsheet ($17 VALUE) Take this powerful spreadsheet and start planning your goals. Combined with the dream lifestyle daily planner you will find yourself achieving your dreams more quickly than you ever thought possible.

Vision Worksheet ($7 VALUE) Stop procrastination in its tracks. This vision worksheet will crush any self sabotage you might in its tracks. You’ll build your vision and be able to start executing on it ASAP.

Drag And Drop Vision Board & Vision Pages ($27 VALUE) Pump up your manifestation power with this custom drag and drop vision board template. Make your own digital and physical vision boards and start getting inspired today.

Action Planning Checklist ($17 VALUE) Seize the day with this action planning checklist. Manifestation isn’t enough...you have to take inspired action. Use this checklist to take inspired action and you’ll be well on your way to manifesting your dreams.

Affirmation Engine (125 Categorized Affirmations) ($37 VALUE) WARNING--This is one of the most powerful parts of this toolkit. This list of 125 categorized affirmations alone is worth its weight in gold.

Affirmation Building Template ($17 VALUE) Don’t know how to build your own affirmations? Not to worry, this template will show you how to build your own affirmations so you can start journaling right away!

Yearly Manifestation Calendar ($7 VALUE) Download your yearly manifestation calendar to keep up with your goals as you achieve them. This calendar will help you keep track of everything you put in your action planning checklist.


But you won't be paying ANYWHERE near that...
For a very limited time, you can get access to
The Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit for

Reg. $156.00

ONLY $27!

But Wait...There’s More! 

Get access to The Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit TODAY and get access to these life-changing bonuses!

BONUS #1 50 Dream Lifestyle Journal Prompts ($37 VALUE) Here’s where you simply start writing...about your dream life. These 50 dream lifestyle journal prompts will get your mind going and heart visualising what it will actually feel like to live your dream life.
BONUS #2 Relaxation & Affirmation Audio ($37 VALUE) You’ll learn how to quiet your mind no matter how crazy your thoughts are. It’ll help you build the life you want and it will help you to relax at the same time!

BONUS #3 Dream Lifestyle Party Planner and Host Guide ($27 VALUE) This party planner and host guide will show you exactly how to plan the best dream lifestyle parties for your family and friends. Get everything you need to start planning a great visualization event.


For a limited time you can get monthly access to The Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit for just...

Reg. $257.00

ONLY $27!

YES! I Want To Start Manifesting My Dreams With the Ultimate Manifestation Toolkit!

You Really Only Have 3 Options...

OPTION 1: You could leave this page. But after what you’ve learned about changing your mindset and what it REALLY takes to manifest your dreams...I’d be surprised if you did that. You could continue down the same path, hoping and wishing with no results. Feeling horrible and depressed every time you think about what you haven’t been able to achieve.
OPTION 2: You could take what you’ve learned here, and go watch 87 YouTube videos to attempt to piece together your manifestation journey by yourself. You’d be wasting a lot of time, and likely learning from someone who isn’t any better than you at manifesting...

OPTION 3: You can decide RIGHT NOW that today is the first day of the rest of your life. And start using the Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit to unlock your dreams NOW. Everything could look completely different for you with this ONE decision...

The choice is yours…

Honor yourself and start manifesting your dreams today..

YES! Give Me Access to The Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit

About Dalila Conaway

Dalila Conaway is an experienced mindset, manifestation and lucrative business coach.

Client's who work with Dalila are able to shift their thinking, enjoy fulfillment of purpose, and live the life you have always dreamed of.

The principles she teaches and models have helped individuals' and entrepreneurs experience massive success and abundance.

Dalila Conaway is a sought after speaker, author and coach with more than 17 years of experience.

She is affectionately referred to as, "The Lucrative CEO" because of her intuition, insight and ability to coach clients in a way that helps them scale and achieve their business and income goals in record time. 

Dalila enjoys traveling, spending quality time with family, and loves being a mother to her three wonderful children, Caitlyn, Caleb and Cyleigh Faith.

Her proven manifestation methods & resources have been tested with students for over 9 years. They are designed to help people enjoy an amazing life, and love their lives wholly.

The Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit is designed for anyone to be able to start manifesting their dreams and desires in record time!

With the help of Dalila Conaway and her dream lifestyle manifestation toolkit, ALL of the heavy lifting has been done for you. You just need to trust the process...and you’ll see results!


A: Yes! In fact, the reason you haven’t seen consistent results is because you’re not using the right tools! The Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit will teach you to transform your mindset by utilizing the right goal planner and affirmations.

A: The Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit is designed to give you results fast. You’ll receive everything you need to start manifesting your dream life. This toolkit is jam-packed.

A: The most important thing is setting your intentions with your affirmations and getting your action plan in place. You’ll start to see tons of changes with just those two things.

A: When you sign up today, you’ll receive LIFETIME access to all of the materials you’ll need. We want you to keep using The Ultimate Dream Lifestyle Manifestation Toolkit as part of your lifestyle!

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