Grow your company & become a Lucrative CEO with our first-class 2-day mini course

Discover the key to embodying your 7-figure identity, creating high-end offers, and scaling with ease.

What you'll learn during this 2-day mini course...

Your 7-Figure Coaching or Consulting Business Model

Creating a Lucrative Business begins with understanding that embracing and embodying 7-Figure YOU is what allows you to manifest 7-figures in your business. 

  • ​​Learn the LUCRATIVE CEO FRAMEWORK to becoming the confident 6-7 figure powerful CEO you are meant to be.
  • ​Gain understanding of the 2 SUPER KEYS TO MILLIONS 
  • ​Learn the importance of showing up as the leader your business needs in every phase.
  • ​Realize that you can build an empire from your expertise. YES, you can desire + have it ALL!

Create Your Transformational Lucrative Offer & Sign Consistent 5-6 Figure Clients.

Create your high-end offer and narrow down your messaging to attract high-end clients with ease. 

  • ​Start building out your $10k+ offer that will sell to your ideal, dream client
  • ​Learn how simplified and successful your business will be when you have 1 offer you're focused on selling at all times.
  • ​Get confident selling your $10k+ offer without cringing during sales conversations
  • Learn how to utilize your messaging to turn followers into clients $$
  • A sneak peek into my 7 day content cadence strategy for closing $10K+ offers on repeat all-year-long.

I know all too well, how it feels to be frustrated with where you are, knowing you were created for MORE...

But it wasn’t until I began to do two key things..

1) shifting the thoughts and beliefs that disagreed with me having my dream life

2) get in the rooms with mentors who understood me and my desire to create major impact thru my purpose 

that I started manifesting money, signing dream clients and growing my income. 

From $0, to $1k a month, to $3k a month, to $10k a month, to $20k-$30k-$40k-$50k-$100k a month, and it just keeps growing.
Now, I have a 7-figure business manifestation model that allows it to grow exponentially while I help my amazing client's do the same with ease. 

Our clients have gone on to create amazing companies they love -- they embody the term, Lucrative CEO and so can you!